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Tips for Saving Money on Your Heating Bills

There are many ways that any homeowner can reduce how much they are spending each month on their energy bills.

Your heating system is the number one expense in the winter. Therefore, the steps you take to improve the energy efficiency on your furnace or other heating system can result in big savings.

  1. Switch to a heating system that uses energy from a natural source. Gas costs less than electrical usage, a lot less. If you have electrical heating, ask a professional about switching to gas and how much savings you will see each month.
  2. Change your air filter. It’s the easiest (and often the most important) thing you can do. A dirty or clogged filter can cause a LOT of problems for your HVAC system. It can often make it work harder, which means you are using up more energy.
  3. Switch to a modern, high-efficiency system. Investing in installation of a new heating and/or cooling system can often pay for itself. The money you will save with a system that requires less energy to work can often make up for the initial installation cost.

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