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Air Duct Cleaning

Breathe Easy: Cleaner Ducts Equal a Cleaner Home

In your quest to improve your home’s indoor air quality and make your heating and air system operates as efficiently as possible, it’s vital that you be sure to clean the duct work in your home. ICT HVAC specializes in professional duct cleaning. We are more than happy to explain to you why every homeowner should be sure to have the cleanest ducts on the block!

Dirty ceiling air vent, an obvious sign that now is the time to clean the air ductsWhy Clean Ducts are Necessary

If you have allergies, you might feel as if they’re worse inside your home than they are outside. Why? There could be bothersome pollutants inside your ducts. These pollutants could be blowing through your home whenever you turn on your furnace or air conditioner, compromising your home’s air quality and your family’s health.


When Should you Clean your Ducts?

We recommend it’s time to have your ducts cleaned if:

  • You can actually see mold growing inside your ducts.
  • There are insects or rodents inside your ducts or crawling from your ducts.
  • You can see debris or dust blowing from your ducts.
  • Your asthma or allergies flare up more than normal while you’re inside your home.

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